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These days the fashion world is bursting at the seams with one style “blogger” after another. I confess to following some blogs with enthusiasm, but if I see one more Celine tote or Chinchilla fur I will have to poke my eyes out. I also confess that there is a plethora of far better looking and much better dressed wannabe bloggers than myself out there.

So let me clarify the reason for the venture. I want to create a blog that does not present highly stylised, unrealistic and ridiculously out of reach clothing and accessories. This page will be all about ACCESSIBLE fashion.

I will not be wearing strappy stilettos in the snow because frankly that is just absurd. (And also, after trying to imitate my favourite fashionistas and freezing my bollocks off, I would like to set a more realistic example.) There will be no handbags that cost more than cars either (yes Birkins, I’m talking to you).

So in this spirit, here is my first outfit post – and it’s all 100% high street. The most expensive item I’m wearing are the Raybans.